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About Us

Girl Party started as the brainchild of Natallie Loukas and a friend as a way to fuel their creative juices. After various jobs in the fashion industry, they realized they wanted something that made fashion fun and, most importantly, that showcased real women. So, after some brainstorming and some time building an online presence they officially launched Girl Party on December 1, 2015.

Based in Long Beach, California Girl Party continues to thrive online with Natallie as the sole owner of the shop. Natallie is a one-woman show (although, she does have the occasional intern), she updates social media, takes the photos, ships out orders and updates the shop with a large selection of clothing and accessories for women.

Girl Party was started with the idea of making fashion fun. If you like the way something looks then wear it, it’s that simple. Girl Party has and will continue to be the cheerleader for the funky, real girl that just wants to have fun.